Madi in 2018

2018 sees Madi performing mainly with his trio or quartet.

For some smaller gigs Madi can play as a duo, with double bass players Simon Smith, Marko Miletitch or Andy Wood. The duo set is a little more folky, ragtime and country picking, interspersed with gypsy and jazz favorites, original tracks and popular songs.

2018 sees The Madi Stimpson Trio or Quartet continuing with Simon Smith, Marc Miletitch or Andy Wood on double bass, Ken Moore, switching between rhythm guitar, soprano sax and mouth organ, Geoff Walker on tenor and soprano sax and/or Nick Bryan on rhythm guitar. Again playing an eclectic mix but with a definite emphasis on the manouche (gypsy jazz) sound made famous by the great Django Reinhardt, and bluegrass and country swing made famous by Chet Atkins, Tony Rice and Doc Watson. Included in the set is music from the bebop and jazz masters Charlie Parker, Louis Armstrong, Dave Brubeck and Wes Montgomery, and bluegrass legends Tony Rice, Doc Watson and Bryan Sutton. Also included in the set is a selection of great Irish and British folk tunes, songs by John Martyn and Nick Drake and a few originals.