Original Music

Leaving school in 1986 Madi went to Kidderminster College to do an art foundation course, during which time he was in several college bands. Dropping out before completion, he set off and spent several months in Amsterdam where he realised he could make a living busking and playing small gigs. Over the next ten years he travelled backwards and forwards between Ireland and mainland Europe, sometimes hitching, sometimes dwelling in a variety of converted vehicles, including an old ambulance, an old army lorry and a Sherpa van.

Playing with many talented local musicians that he met on his travels, for six months in 1989 playing live improvised music for a travelling puppet show and in the early 90’s composing and performing music for a couple of small travelling theatres in Holland and Denmark, Madi clocked up many hours of live performance and built a varied repertoire of original music and traditional standards. In 2001 Madi was commissioned by writer, actor and director Carlton Bunce to compose and record music for the play ‘The Day Tim stood Still’, performed later that year in Germany. This gave Madi the chance to experiment with electric guitar and the use of feedback and ambient sound.

To hear original music and compositions please visit www.soundcloud.com/madistimpson

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